Dov & Nicole

Dov and Nicole are a transformational power couple who’s connection, collective experiences, traumas, addictions, near death experiences and losses led them to the activation of unparalleled spiritual gifts meant to help humanity evolve at the quicker pace the times call for. They since left their respective business and legal careers to dedicate their lives to helping others remember their true selves and unleash their pure potential.

While you can’t truly name the gifts Dov and Nicole offer, they can be described as high level energy healers, consciousness mentors, channels and non-traditional psychics to name a few.

Mostly, Dov and Nicole possess a unique capacity to clear the root causes of seemingly unbreakable cycles and patterns that plague you and keep you stuck in addiction, painful relationships and lack of abundance, joy and meaning. Through this work, clients experience immediate shifts in record time, including the activation of a deep knowing of your value, the old falling away gracefully and the life you were meant truly meant for finally shining forth.

Their souls are here to express a state of divine power and loving presence, to help others transform their lives, relationships, business, communities and planet through their being.