Our Message To You


This is a unique time. The earth is, and has, undergone tremendous energetic shifts. What once worked no longer does, paradigms and beliefs are being forced to crumble and many are feeling this intense shedding as a painful and disorienting process. Due to this energetic shift and dramatic increase in light/love frequency on the earth at this time, evolution is being demanded of us all. No matter what you seek, no matter your desire, the only way to your goals is through this evolution. It is already happening. We invite you to experience this as the willing participant. 

Because of this increase in human consciousness, those coming together in relationships are forming more purpose driven unions. More twin flames than ever before are incarnating and more are able to connect in the 3D. This time presents the opportunity for twins to heal the wounds spanning from their earliest separation to the present moment, and to enter into a more complete union, a light union. 

We are responsible for all things in our life, from the choosing of our parents before incarnation, to tragedies that we chose to experience. Yet, at the time of our incarnation, we begin to disconnect and forget who we are as divine beings. This incarnation has tremendous benefits and great importance, but it is also limited. We are limited by our senses and it is our responsibility to rise above these limitations and evolve. We must deconstruct our prior systems of doing, systems that have kept us from knowing – kept us from making space for peace, purpose, and movement. 

We have all bought into systems that no longer benefit us. We stay in jobs, marriages/relationships etc. out of feelings of obligation, guilt, fear… we believe we have no choice and go against ourselves to maintain this belief. Through this work we realized that we bought into these stories. These sound bites that drive humanity “you have to work hard to make money”, “its normal to hate our jobs”, “you have to be reasonable”, “we have to sacrifice to get what we want”… these sound bites are taken at face value, not questioned. But we ALWAYS have a choice. We have free will, a perfect and irrevocable gift. The belief that in any moment, under any circumstance, that we have no choice, or that we are obligated to do something is a complete abrogation of our power and a direct contradiction to our own divinity. These are fear based and fear driven illusions that we all do and have bought into. The beauty is that we do not need to continue. You can anchor into the infinite abundance of self-alignment and take hold of your existence. 

As we become aware of our power, old templates and paradigms become visible for what they are, illusion. We begin to question things and realize that nothing “is what it is”. When we can release the bondage of what we thought we knew to be, we can explore what we did not know is. We are multidimensional beings and this ascension can shatter or burn away long held templates. We honor that this can be painful and even scary at times, but it is time for the Revolution of consciousness. It is time to breakdown old archetypes and to open space for limitless growth and connection. 

We are not here to give you all the answers, we too are just evolving, we are here to give you the tools to retrieve source energy and access limitless information. 

All our love,

Dov and Nicole