Our Story

A twin Flame journey

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Nicole and Dov are a same sex twin flame couple that have been in active union for nearly a decade. Although, they experienced all the signs, neither of them knew anything about twin flames, let alone that this is who they were. They struggled through traumatic downs and violently euphoric ups, but for the vast majority of this time, they did so without tools and without an awareness of who they were or what was happening. They sought out traditional helpers for therapy, drug treatment etc. They individually felt lost and their marriage began to feel doomed. This is a little bit of their story.

The First Chapter

We still remember the exact moment we saw each other’s pictures online for the first time. It was familiar, palatable. There was an overwhelming desire to be near one another. Our friendship began long distance for almost two-years. All communications were limited to digital exchanges, but we began to pull hidden secrets from one another through writing and art. Without romance in the forefront, we pried away from ego and were able to be vulnerable … authentic … stripped down to: “I see you. I honor you. I am love, I love you unconditionally.”

The next eight years of being together were ones of heart puncturing pain and intoxicating entanglement.  We began a dance created of unfailing love and human ego: pushing away, grasping, running, disaster. We shared some of the best years of our lives, yet barely came out alive.  Finishing each other’s sentences.  Dreaming about things that would happen imminently.  Talking telepathically.  Getting esoteric messages through our romance. Understanding each other at a level that no one else could assimilate. We felt literally insane at times. 

We did not know we were twin flames; all we knew was that we were experiencing the most surreal and unexplainable reality. Passion, desires, the thriving and striving to live while struggling in hell. Moments of collapse and wanting to quit. It was a rollercoaster. We were in love and yet, at times we literally hated each other, or more accurately, we actually hated ourselves. We are the mirrors of each other’s soul.

Nicole was overdosing left and right on heroin, trying to drown out the shame and guilt that had built up from all the times she was unfaithful to her divinity.  Dov would rise above the calamity every day while stuffing every emotion she had until she would disconnect, shut down, and become numb. The cycles seemed all consuming. 


Searching for Answers

Intermittently, we began to awaken and started our journey of remembering. We sought guidance through various helpers, intuitive physicians, and healers. We were searching for answers outside of ourselves, but instead we were guided to teachers that would help us find everything within. It was truly the beginning of US, but looked on the outside as if it was the end. 

Our healing process was kicked into high gear when we separated. The agony of broken union in the 3D would pivot our story.  This was what catapulted us into our Divinity, our Union and our unbreakable TRINITY.  This is the WORK.

The Evolution

Faced with every fear and pain Dov had ever had, she began to navigate the reality that Nicole had been unfaithful and was leaving her. Lifetimes of wounds compounded countless triggers. After a few months of this agony she found guidance and began throwing herself into healing. She did not know what would come of it all, but she did know that no part of her being was able to let go of this connection – despite what everyone around her was saying. She learned to trust herself and our connection. She learned that she had to surrender the 3D but not our soul union. She cleared for us every day. She did healing work for us. She spoke to Nicole telepathically and boy did she cry. Never had she experienced such agony. 

Nicole strived to sort out all of her feelings, to find and understand herself and to deal with the confusion that seemed to only get worst. 

Slowly, contact between us increased. Our time together was more harmonious. After nearly a year of separation, we again began to seek help from traditional therapy and couples counseling. The sessions seemed to help at first, but soon became very disempowering. Traditional helpers knew nothing of what we were really going through in this spiritual union and separation. They diagnosed dark night of the soul as depression, intuition as anxiety, union as codependence. All was on its head. Our fragile 3D connection began to unravel again, but at this point we both began to integrate clearing work into our lives and despite ourselves, things began to heal. 


The Reunion

Our reunion was rocky and back and forth, but after time and persistent work, we were able to see each other and love each other more purely than we had ever before. It was the WORK! We knew that there was so much more to do, more layers to uncover (there always is because we are evolving and should NEVER stop) but we saw what could be done.

As time passed and we were able to heal from addictions, traumas, and so much more, we knew that all of our training and experiences would be of service to others. We thought how we had barely made it and how we had gone on for so long without tools.  

Our Mission

We knew we wanted to dedicate ourselves to mission and we were ready to take that proverbial leap of faith. Despite both having established careers, Dov having studied many years to become a lawyer, we asked ourselves what is it that we WANTED. We released the how and with $500 to our name we allowed the universe to provide. With our love and intention set we watched as one miracle after another unfolded. Not without obstacles, sickness, and many tears, but miracles were provided. We manifested each goal, down to the exact numbers and exact dates. 

Once we dedicated ourselves fully to mission and to awakening, the ride was unstoppable. Our evolution continues and it is accelerated the more that we work with others. The more we let intuition reign and the more we listen and actively participate in the choice process, we become confident in making choices that would normally go against our human logic. We bend boundaries at every level, change our vibration to the point of moving instantaneously through dimensions to retrieve the answers and insights to evolve this planet. We tap into gifts that we possessed in past lives, stepping into our alchemic and shamanistic abilities.  

We are here to serve you, to serve humanity and to remind you that you have access to all these gifts as we are all connected.