Episode 9: Perfectionism and the Morality Trap

Sunday Sermons with Dov & Nicole

Perfectionism and the Morality Trap

perfectionism and the morality trap

Join Dov and Nicole for this episode in the Sunday Sermon series as they talk about how we can become crippled and misaligned by the illusory concept perfectionism and fall into the trap of morality. 

Episode 9 Replay


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Show Notes

twin flames talk about perfectionism and morality

Dov and Nicole of Twin Flame Revolution

Transformational Twin Flame couple, Dov and Nicole, are high level mentors and energy alchemists who possess a unique capacity to see/clear the root causes of seemingly unbreakable cycles and patterns that plague you and keep you stuck in addiction, painful relationships, lack of abundance, so that you can access sustainable joy and meaningful self expression.