The Energy Activation & Transformation Intensive

Did this summer kick your ass, and you’re ready to shift the energy and take your power back?

Did you know that right now, the Universe is shifting and moving to bring up all of your old baggage so you can let it go?

This looks like:

  • Old patterns re-emerging

  • You, and/or people in your life creating dramatic situations, and even sometimes, chaos

  • Sadness and lower vibrational emotions, even if you don’t know why

  • Old memories resurfacing that you haven’t thought about in a while

  • Money and work issues

  • Difficulties in relationships

And all of this can leave you feeling confused and alone, wondering what the hell happened and KNOWING something has got to shift.

It’s not your fault.

And there is a way to work through it.

Right now in the Cosmos, the Universe is shifting and moving to give us the opportunity to bring an end to some of our darkest baggage we’ve been holding onto individually AND as a WHOLE.

Whether it’s old blocks, patterns, and beliefs you’ve been working on for a while, or they just made a pop up surprise appearance…

They are there BECAUSE it’s time to release them.

That’s what’s happening right now around the world.

You are being given the opportunity to divinely and unconditionally love, accept, and forgive yourself for radical self-transformation.

This is what you’ve been asking for, for so long.

I joined the 3 hour healing session at the epic full moon in July, and it healed me on all levels, and the community of people on a similar journey helped me go through the full moon in grace. Dov & Nicole are increadibly inspirational and tuned in to highest truth.
— Helena C.

And now, the time has arrived where you can make those massive shifts, but it’s through this deep dive into the shadows that are currently present.

But truth is, it doesn’t have to be THIS hard, and you don’t have to do it alone!

We’ve created an Energy Activation & Transformation Intensive to help you move through this faster and more efficiently if you choose to take that path.

In this Intensive you can experience:

  • The deep release from binding fears, traumas, and old beliefs that keep you stuck in patterns of overwhelm and self-sabotage so you can intentionally manifest your dream life

  • Karma cleansing from personal and ancestral chords that tie you to things that are no longer yours to hold onto so you can finally move forward in greater freedom

  • Unconditional forgiveness for yourself and others without having to force your way through it so you can finally unlock the chains of anger and bitterness that keep you from the great parts of life you truly deserve

  • Breakthroughs for your next steps in creating your life of purpose, for your highest good and fulfillment

And the best part is that in doing this transformational work for yourself personally, you are creating a massive ripple effect that touches the world in a profound way.

When you positively shift beliefs, thoughts, perspective and energy, you become the transformation that massively changes this world.

So in gifting yourself this energetic clearing, activation, and transformation, you’re contributing to  humanity and the planet at large.

In this time of Quickening (meaning the faster evolution of human spirituality and consciousness to do cool shit like manifest WAY faster and more clear than any other time in history) you are being given an opportunity to CHOOSE and rewrite your path.

You have immense and infinite power within you.

This is the time to free yourself of the energy that’s been keeping you from experiencing your next level of consciousness and fulfillment.

The Energy Activation & Transformation Intensive is for you if:

  • You’re READY & WILLING  to hand over the blocks, patterns, traumas, and yucky energetic bits so you can

  • You’re open to receiving an energetic clearing, activation, and transformation so you can

  • You want to fast forward your healing

  • You’re open minded and your spiritual evolution is important to you

The Energy Activation & Transformation Intensive is NOT for you if:

  • You believe energy work doesn’t work for you and you’re not open to shifting your energy

  • You think this is going to be a quick magic pill and then the work is over. This Intensive is not meant to be a substitute or excuse for anyone to not take responsibility for their own evolution

  • You expect an overnight miracle to completely transform your life. While it’s possible to change things in the blink of an eye, don’t go in expecting that. This Intensive is to give you a jump start and powerful momentum, but it’s up to you to ride that train to miracle town.

How many nights have you spent working on your energy, manifesting, and mindset to shift your life in a powerful way?

You have the power to call in everything you want, but we all have blind spots.

Calling in help to help you shift those things holding you back that you can’t see and you don’t know exists can be the exact thing that breaks the dam of magic you’ve been accumulating so you can actually receive it in your physical reality.

It’s time to take back control of your experience and finally clear the energetic blind spots holding you back from leveling up in your life and spiritual evolution.

How do I begin to explain the powerful the impact that Nic and Dov’s mentorship has, is, and always will play on my life? From the day we first met we knew we were soul family from way back, and I’ve felt accepted and cherished deeply by both. They set aside time with me immediately to reestablish our connection and build our relationship reunion before I felt completely compelled to start my journey with their 21 day soul realignment services.

Divinely, my graduation fell on the same day they head a 3 hour clearing event that absolutely was the cherry on top of an immense blessing that accelerated my ascension to a whole new level! To sum up the work we’ve done together in one word? EPIC!!!

These two are unconditional LOVE incarnate! Invest in your ascension and work with these two in group or one on one! It’s time to step up to purpose!
— Danny G.

And here’s the thing…

The world needs you to show up for yourself right now.

In the midst of the suffering felt around the globe, every time one person transforms their energy and experiences relief, that energy ripples out and helps humanity as a whole graduate to the next experience.

It is our responsibility to do the best for ourselves so we can raise the energy of the planet.

If you’re ready to hand over the blocks, patterns, beliefs, and blind spots that have been stifling your growth so you can actually move forward to powerfully create your dream life intentionally, then this Energy Activation & Transformation Intensive was made for you.


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