Dov & Nicole have been the most extraordinary coaches in the past 12 months. Every time I tried to run from my reunion and disconnect from my twin they were there to support me. I was able to watch their videos and listen to their calls. Follow them on social media. 

When I had my first live session, I immediately felt unconditional love and surrendered to the pain I was feeling that life was so unimportant. Talking with them gave me the clarity I needed to restart my purpose in life. Inspiring me to do the work in the 3d to be able to live more in the 5d. They have so much to offer and coach you to get what you want in this union. They get you, they get us, they get me. They show how to recommit to you! 

I have found my purpose here and I’m gaining more clarity everyday!

My twin came across their YouTube video a year ago and now Nicole is going to marry us in NYC this week. Thank you so much for showing up in my life! Our lives! We love you so much!
Kevin C.

I have been doing THE WORK with Dov and Nicole for going on 7 months consistently and I NEED to tell you guys that, with their love, support, guidance and tools they have provided me with have helped me in completely transforming myself, my attitude about life and its circumstances and my relationships.

They have empowered me to stand in my truth and to be vulnerable.

Not even mentioning that they completely transformed my thought process on the Twin Flame Journey. Dov and Nicole’s way of mentoring is so special and unique and makes you feel held at all times even out of session. Their love energy alone has made me cry and I feel so blessed on the daily to be able to work with them. I have been in traditional therapy for years but nothing has ever helped not even close to as much as working with Twin Flame Revolution has. Thank you for your love and service to the Collective!

I am so deeply grateful for the work Dov and Nicole offer! The accuracy in their experiences resonates so spot on with me and my twin’s experiences, that I decided to list them as my TOP go to coaches to watch. The synchronicities in the fact that both my divine counterpart and I connected to your channel around the same time and recognized the truth in your teachings right away. Thank you for sharing with us your journey, it has helped us both SUBSTANTIALLY on our path!

We are now inspired to teach our truth to other’s in hopes to continue the healing for the collective.

We love, honor, and appreciate you guys from the depths of our soul! Keep spreading your light, we see you! 🙏💕😇
Daniella M

Love you ladies. You popped up as a suggestion on Facebook at the right time for me. Listening to you both on YouTube is absolutely amazing. I no longer feel like I’m going crazy. HA!! Learning to balance love and peace with myself through you both.

Everyone was talking about this amazing energy in 2018 and here I was thinking I was just going insane with all these emotions until I came across you both.

Now I understand what’s been happening so I’m working on myself to be a happier, nicer and better person. Thank you both! xx
Ann B.

Working with Dov and Nicole in any capacity is an absolute joy and powerful experience! Through Mastermind Intensive: Behind the Veil I have connected to the foundation of my purpose and how it aligns with my business. Not only did the course help me work through fears and blocks, but provided a practical and goal-oriented structure that allowed the creative process to flow as well as concrete changes that have been super positives for my healing business!! Dov and Nicole hold the container of the course beautifully and have guided the class to a place of remembering our power!

I connected deeply to the content and I am excited to continue building my business, knowing I have new-found connections and two power-house mentors!

I feel a deep sense of gratitude for this experience and it’s been incredibly inspiring and life-changing!

The mastermind class is a must for entrepreneurs in the healing arts! Dov and Nicole are amazing mentors, taking each person through energy clearing for their blocks and answering questions about issues that arise in starting or continuing a healing business. In addition, they provide experts that help with practical tools such as legal contracts/liability; marketing and sales; and online tools to make every aspect of your business easier. Nicole and Dov always provided a loving space to work through any limits you knowingly or unknowingly place on yourself. I have had my current business for 8 years but have been trying to branch out to a slightly different area. This class helped me recognize where I was holding myself back and the reasons!

They cleared the energy, the limiting beliefs I held toward myself and my blocks to abundance so that I could move forward with my new venture with confidence!

The class format offered a nice space where we could bounce ideas off each participant and also learn from each others questions that you didn’t even know you had! Dov and Nicole are an invaluable resource; supportive mentors; amazing coaches and just loving people! This class is an essential tool for every entrepreneur but especially those in the healing profession!
— Tara

I am blown away every time I work with Dov & Nicole. Joining the Business Mastermind Course literally set my soul on fire, pushed my business to blossom and pushed me as well in the best way possible. The group itself is a tribe everyone needs to be a successful business owner while being held accountable and supported.

The growth my business and myself have had in this group is exponential. I never knew how deep business and personal energies were linked until now, and I am so grateful to be aware.

I am thankful for Dov, Nicole and my whole group for loving, supporting and cheering me on throughout this journey. I feel transformed, empowered and limitless with my potential in life and my career. THANK YOU! I love you all!
— Brittany

I’m your typical 30-something guy who likes to watch sports, have a few beers, and BBQ in the summer. Working with energy healers was something I never thought I’d do in a million years. My wife met Dov and Nicole at a live event last year and came back raving about how awesome they were and asked if I’d be open to speaking to them, as she had been noticing that I wasn’t myself lately. I was noticing it too, feeling dulled out almost every day and randomly crying sometimes but not knowing where it was coming from.

Initially, I resisted and gave every excuse in the book to avoid opening up and dealing with a lot of the emotional and spiritual trauma I had been dealing with for some time. However, after hopping on a quick consultation call with them and listening to how the process would work, something inside me knew that it was time to do this.

My first few calls were not easy for me. I found myself opening up about all the deepest, darkest things I had been holding onto, specifically relating to my experiences with family, addiction, and personal loss. I’d re-listen to my calls and what I heard from myself wasn’t what I expected. I didn’t realize how negative I had become and how profoundly sad I sounded, which was in stark contrast to the confident, happy person I was trying to project out to the world. However, they listened, helped clear the negative energies and thought forms, and provided me practical tools and strategies that I could implement in my daily life to work through it all. They gave me homework every week and I made it a point to implement all their suggestions. I listened to their Daily Energy Protocol every morning, which helped provide me with clarity and purpose.

While I was still somewhat skeptical about this whole thing, guess what? Things started to progressively get better. I started showing up to my life again. I started to feel things again (both good and bad). I felt like my soul was ready to explode through my skin and was ready to start expressing itself again. I started to notice my reactions to triggers and became more conscious of my experiences. I started to physically feel lighter on my feet, didn’t have a constant sinking pit feeling in my stomach, and that 800 pound gorilla wasn’t sitting on my shoulders anymore. I re-connected with family and friends. I didn’t need to excessively drink alcohol to have fun anymore. I started expressing myself, drawing, painting, reading, all things I hadn’t done in over a decade. I started talking to the universe, questioning my purpose and asking for guidance about some huge life decisions I was about to make.

While I credit Dov and Nicole for helping me to break through and overcome everything that’d held me back over the years, I still had to do the work. YOU will have to do the work. I can’t stress this enough. You’re going to have to be willing to open up and deal with all the baggage you’ve been holding onto for so long. You’re going to question a lot of things and potentially change the foundation on which your life is based up. In all likelihood, you’re going to yell and scream at the universe, and ugly cry during your calls. But you know what, it was worth it. 100%. Every single moment of it. You know why? Because I’m worth it. YOU are worth it.
Kyle P.

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