Welcome to The Revolution Community!

We are thrilled to have you with us and to be by your side in this process. You are a powerful and incredible soul, you are NOT crazy and this shit is hard! No; not hard, the hardest. Your growth, transformation, remembrance and empowerment through the reflection of yourself in another! YOU ARE A MASTER. Now it’s time to remember that.

That is why we have designed this community over the past two years so that we can reach and serve as many of you as possible, as well as allow you to see and feel you are truly not alone, help you gain the tools, remembrance and support you need to do so.

We will walk with you through this process of evolution. Your Twin Flame journey is not only about a relationship, but you, your power, mission, growth, and navigation of unconditional love… a love that heals and overcomes all!

You are invaluable to this planet, universe and each other. You are invaluable to us.

All our love and light,

Dov and Nicole

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Community Promise

We lead a premier Twin Flame Community with the SOUL purpose of creating a container to  teach, heal, activate and empower sacred union as one of the deepest and greatest modes of expansion and evolution to bring a love consciousness revolution to this planet.

Codes of Conduct for fb and anywhere else

This Community is designed to create a safe space of love, and support for the purpose of healing and growing.

In so being, we ask all of you to abide by some simple codes of conduct.

  1. Do not give up on yourself, you are so needed and so loved!

  2. No judgment of yourself or each other

  3. No attacking/bullying of others

  4. No unsolicited critiquing of others

  5. No promotion of other business or products

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