Divine Masculine Rising

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Divine Masculine Rising


When man/ woman fell into separation through deception- there were curses sealed and vows made that locked us into the False light matrix.

Divine Masculine you have boxed, locked, and denounced your intuitive powers and in doing so you have denounced your divine counter part.

You can’t be in her light or hear the truth because you have been on another radio frequency. The words she speaks we can’t even hear most of the time. The curses have blocked the language and 

We are breaking these curses and we are about to rise from these false timelines and false light programs. We are putting light on every agenda that is anti-love. Death culture is burning!

I don’t sleep at night because I am purging the shackles that we have been held in and Dov has been crying in every dream she has had for the masculine and for feeling and experiencing how we have been absent. Absent to our values, absent to our super human powers, and absent to our Gorgeous Queens!

The rejection and abandonment templates towards self that WE- DMs have been accepting as a reality are starting to crack open and being replaced with connection, compassion and love.

This process is destroying the programming and many are losing their minds, losing their emotions to allow for true Christ Mind/ Christ Consciousness :Access to every truth and every answer! You are sovereign and free to be Crystalline Super Human! Where miracles are the new norm. Creation potency crisp and precise as it was meant.

Surrender to the process! I am here to usher in new templates, new codes and we break down the f)$&ing walls of the cells we have been locked away in.

Your participation is greatly needed. The more that shift the broader the ripples!

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Disclaimer :: There may be some emotional turbulence. We work on creating lasting transformation, and sometimes that process may invoke emotions or create discomfort, but it always creates light and assists in the breakthrough you are seeking.