Healing Your Blocks Through Your Relationship With Money

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Healing Your Blocks Through Your Relationship With Money


Relationships and finances are two major catalysts to spiritual evolution. In this webinar we will take a deep look at, shift and heal the underlying factors that are blocking you from abundance.


Our blocks to abundance have much deeper core roots. We will begin to uncover these roots and shift the limiting ideology and collective belief around abundance.


Learn and understand why money is simply energy and how when we block it, we are blocking an aspect of our energy. Blocking the give and take of the universe.


Learn why giving is as much a gift as receiving. In this intensive healing and conscious mentoring webinar, we will discuss, shift and heal some of the following:


-The importance of receiving

-Collective beliefs and paradigms

-Money as energy not the enemy

-Trauma and how it affects your finances

-Upgrade pathways to abundance

-Releasing old patterns/beliefs around money

-Ancestral issues

-Self worth


Disclaimer :: There may be some emotional turbulence. We work on creating lasting transformation, and sometimes that process may invoke emotions or create discomfort, but it always creates light and assists in the breakthrough you are seeking.

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I am SO happy that I participated in the abundance webinar with Dov and Nicole! It was a powerful combination of information and energy work that targeted all kinds of blocks; from deep blocks, to common blocks, to important ones that don’t regularly get addressed, all with helpful information and tools without fluff to get through these so we can receive abundance of all forms. They pretty much addressed everything. They approached each topic compassionately, and gave thorough yet easy to understand and comprehensive explanations of the problems and how to overcome them. And the healing and clearing energy work was so amazing...they really got in there to assist in moving out those energetic blocks as we were mentally doing throughout the webinar. Dov and Nicole are powerful healers who know what they are doing with a pure intention to serve and help you. They themselves have achieved abundance, so you know that this webinar is the real deal. If you are open and willing to really make your life change in a big way, then this amazing webinar is for you. I feel so blessed to have been led to Dov and Nicole, thank you so much!

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