3 Hour Healing + Activation

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3 Hour Healing + Activation


Join us on July 28th 11am-2pm EST for a 3 hour channeled activation, clearing, healing and upgrade. Due to the significant need and massive shifts in our energy we have decided to host a private 3 hour long live healing event.

This event is designed as a service to the collective, and YOU are part of that. Your participation in this event will not only be for your benefit but that of many others. As you heal for you, you heal for the collective.

It is our goal to have as many people from all over the world as possible to create a deep and permanent shift. We honor your courage and your commitment for showing up in this capacity.

We will not do another event like this one this year, or perhaps ever. Please take advantage of this offer as it was designed for your service! See you on the 28th!

All our love,

Dov and Nicole

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We are basing the price of this event on a sliding scale based on the honor code and where you are in your life. This is an energetic event; therefore, your participation is critical in the impact of this work. We want to make it accessible to you through an honor exchange.