Twin Flame Emergency Kit

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Twin Flame Emergency Kit


Are you in Separation? 

Don’t know where to start? 

Do you need some tools and answers? 

This kit is for you! ($187 Value)

Understanding the intensity of the Twin Flame connection, the pain of separation and our understanding of how to navigate these issues we created a kit to address some of the primary areas we have find to be critical. 

This kit includes:

  1. A ten minute audio that is designed to target multiple areas to ground, cleanse, upgrade and activate your energy so that you can maintain your own energy balance daily and connect with self (a key factor in connecting with your twin)!

  2. The Separation Webinar, where we mentor through the process, give you tools and techniques to navigate the separation based on our experiences.

  3. Understanding the Twin Flame Connection Webinar, where we discuss how vital it is to understand the complexity of the Twin Flame Connection so that we can understand what we are experiencing and why. With understanding comes far less suffering!

If you were to purchase these 3 audio products individually, you would be paying $187. By purchasing this bundle, you save $58!!

Disclaimer :: There may be some emotional turbulence. We work on creating lasting transformation, and sometimes that process may invoke emotions or create discomfort, but it always creates light and assists in the breakthrough you are seeking.

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