TFR On Location VIP Experience: NYC

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TFR On Location VIP Experience: NYC


The VIP Experience



Join us for a never before offered 90 minute VIP Experience.

This event will include live healing, mentoring, activation and intensive work on: Love <3 How perfect of timing with Valentines just around the corner.

We will be focusing on:

  • understanding the fundamental power of love and transformative potential in relationships

  • clearing blocks to love

  • blocks to trust

  • blocks to that deep connection with self and your partner that you crave

  • relationships, with self, partners, twins & sacred soul connections

  • receiving love, so many of us have blocks with receiving, and it's time to clear it out! You deserve that love that you so deeply know is yours!

Just to name a few..

All for > $997 + meet and greet, $100 gift card to anything TFR & 2 $50 gift cards for family & friends!

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