The Work

For now, and in the current construct of our world, pain is the primary catalyst of growth and connection. The work is the process of walking through, overcoming and being released from that that has kept you from experiencing the life you want.  The work is the breaking free of the limitations you and the collective beyond have placed upon you. 

The work is the process of identifying and resolving the root issues that are blocking us through specific identification and energy. Learn to become aware of the power you possess through your thoughts, beliefs and experiences and how a loving dedication to yourself is vital


Consciousness Mentoring & Energy Healing

Conscious mentoring & energy healing sessions are designed to target deep rooted, conscious and unconscious patterns, triggers, wounds etc and bring to light the causes. Once we can see the cause we can release it with specificity and swiftness. Lifetimes of work can be done in short periods of time.  

These sessions work on a practical level , mental/conscious level and energetic level. Sessions can cover everything from Twin Flame healing (separation, reunion and union), relationships, abundance and work, purpose and mission, addiction patterns, family dynamics, and personal growth and evolution.

Sessions may include a verity of modalities such as Auto Repeat Methodology (channeled by Nicole); activation distance healing, visualization; Theta Healing; spiritual mentoring, psychic analysis, Akashic Record work, shamanic healing and more.

Soul Realignment

If you are wondering why you are here, who you are and how to find your place in life, Soul Realignment is an ideal place to begin your healing work with us. The benefits to Soul Realignment are profound and invaluable. This process need only be done one time and will dramatically change your life.

Soul Realignment will provide you with information about who you are at soul level, what attributes you can focus on to be in your full abundance, and what decisions you have made that are creating blocks to what you want now! We will then guide you through practical steps and changes you can make today.

Why Soul Realignment? If we are to be in our full divinity, we must access information about what choices we have made in this, and all lives, that impact our life today. Karma is perfect: all actions have a consequence and all consequences created in the 3D must also be resolved in the 3D. This means that even if we become aware of our power, and that we are 100% responsible for all things in our lives, we cannot make all of the necessary changes if we cannot access information about all the relevant choices we have made. For example, if in a past life you made a vow of chastity, you may find that today you cannot maintain a lasting relationship. This is a decision that you made, a vow that you took which is still having karmic consequences today. However, you have no memory of this choice and you cannot change it without the understanding that you made this vow. This is the type of practical and impactful information that will be revealed to you.

So now what do we do with all the information? What is Soul Realignment? Soul Realignment is an in-depth analysis of your Akashic Records, combined with soul level healing work to restructure your divine soul blueprint back to its clear state of origination. Practically speaking, Soul Realignment will clear the blocks standing between you and your higher self and give you concrete 3D steps you can take to be in your power, to be abundant in all aspects of your life, to manifest with purpose. This clarity will give you a real sense of comfort and understanding about yourself and why your life looks the way it does.

Soul Realignment need only be done one time. If you have had a Soul Realignment session before, you do not need to do it again with us. This is powerful and transformational work. The information that comes from Soul Realignment work will help you understand how you, through your choices, shaped your experiences and what you can do to change them, if you so wish. This process gives you the why and shows you the how to shift your reality into what you wish.

Please note that soul realignment must be done with the express permission of the person who’s records we are reading for unless you would like a session for a minor child, live in partner, or on behalf of a disabled relative.

Youth Soul Realignment

The most incredible to receive as a parent and to give your child is the gift of seeing them fully.

Soul Realignment work may be done with or on behalf of your child. Today, children are bombarded with pressure, labels, negative stimulation while many more children are showing clear signs of being highly energetically sensitive and aware. They are in need of care and understanding. It is vital to assist these children in the understanding of themselves and to create a safe space at home. Your understanding of your child is critical to this process.

Soul Realignment may be done after the age of 3 months and is an incredible way to prepare yourself for what your child needs and understand your child on a very deep level. Furthermore, Realignment for children moves tremendous blocks early on.

Although we do not make medical claims, families have experienced Soul Realignment done on children as assisting in mood stabilization, clearing of anxiety, anger outburst, bed wetting, learning disabilities, cognitive disabilities and other behavioral and learning delays.


What if you could start your marriage free of all the junk you would otherwise be working out for the next two decades? What if you could enter into this deep promiseclean and clear of old traumas, karmic ties, fear and wounds? Imagine that you can enter a marriage where the first year is not about getting to know each other and hiding your shadow parts but about enjoying the deepest connection you have ever experienced.

The path of marriage is one of the fastest and most beautiful paths to evolution. When we come together with our sacred partner we are faced with ourselves deeply and completely. Union is not only to serve our personal needs for partnership but our greater need for evolution and service.

We are faced with our baggage, current and past life traumas, energies, fears and conscious limitations. Before we enter into the sacred union we must take a deep look together at who you are and what blocks you from that person. The greatest gift we can give is the expression of our true self, and the greatest gift we can receive is the honoring of that self by our beloved.


Dov & Nicole are excited to spread their messages of unconditional love and energy healing across the world. They are currently booking through 2018 for motivational speaking engagements, emcees, live group energy work & healing & more! Check out our booking page to send a booking inquiry!