The Revolution: The Twin Flame Community

Join us for The Revolution! The time is now!

We lead a premier Twin Flame Community with the SOUL purpose of creating a container to  teach, heal, activate and empower sacred union as one of the deepest and greatest modes of expansion and evolution to bring a love consciousness revolution to this planet.

In The Community we will assist you in understanding your Twin Flame connection, how to navigate reunion and separation, how to come back into self love, how to release the bondage of traumas and programming, how to align yourself with abundance, mission and so much more!


What your membership to the revolution gives you:

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Live + Recorded access to Dov and Nicole weekly through live + Recorded videos

2 Question and Answer Segments per month


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2 Energy forecast sessions per month with a focus on healing + mentoring

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Bi-weekly reflection and contemplation exercises for your transformation

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Receive Advanced notice of new products and programs as well as 15% off of all webinars, meditations and other audio products


Note: The group does not include private messages, or regular comment responses. Questions will only be received via email and responded to via live videos.

This is over $400 worth of value a month for only $69 a month!


There’s no commitment or contract when you join The Revolution.
If what we’ve created isn’t meeting your needs, you can cancel at any time.