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Dov & Nicole Energy Healers Twin Flames Channels Consciousness Mentors Non-Traditional Psychics


Initiate Awakening

Imagine if you could travel back to the origination of your soul’s creation. Imagine if you could clear away all the baggage and restrictions that weigh you down. Imagine if you could remember who you are; if you could understand why your life appears as it does today; if you understood exactly why you struggle. Now imagine if you could become limitlessly abundant in all aspects of your life: love, emotional fulfillment, health, family, money purpose, etc. Stop Imagining. This is exactly what you can do! 

Whether you are suffering with addiction, finances, relationships, weight, anxiety, child behavioral or cognitive disorders, we have found that these are all symptomatic of deeper energetic causes and belief systems. These can be addressed and shifted so that the root is cleared, releasing the symptom. 

Our experiences, our deep soul connection and relationship, our intuitive/psychic skills, our empathy and trauma have allowed us to identify these fundamental root causes for others. Causes and energies that we ourselves often do not see. Much lies beneath the conscious mind, from your family’s trauma to memories you have dismissed. However, these roots create your reality. We can help you bring the perspective, sight and clearing needed to remember your power and regain the control over your life. 


This process does not have to be so painful. Although pain is a beautiful and necessary catalyst to growth and ascension, we can become active, conscious participants in this process, honoring our pain and emotion. We say this because we ourselves have felt, struggled with, and experienced the darkest places of our souls, felt the palette of human trials: addiction, abuse, anxiety, depression, separation from our twin and more. From these turbulent incarnations we were guided to heal, drawn into our union and called to our purpose. If we could accomplish this, you can as well. 


We are Nicole and Dov, a same sex twin flame couple that have come together to assist in an energetic revolution. A revolution of conscious awakening.

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