How does that statement make you feel?

Do you feel it in your soul ... that you want and can have a deeper and more aligned impact?

Still deciding if this path is aligned with your purpose? Apply here to discover more!


Do you just think it would be awesome to have energetic X-Ray vision so that you could see what others can't?

Are you ready to be handed some of the principle keys to all of existence?

Are you:


a life, business, personal development, relationship etc coach or mentor?

Are you ready to learn the tools, strategies and techniques that can allow you to learn how to create long lasting transformation for the world and your clients?

not a coach or mentor but feel you have raw gifts, passion or just that powerful desire to HAVE A BIGGER IMPACT?

After a lifetime of travel, self work, school/trainings and our union we have decided to condense some powerful systems and methods we use to shape and transform our client's lives and share them with you.

In this Certification, we will provide you teachings, techniques and real hands on tools, powerful enough to have you creating impact in a whole new dimension.


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What our practitioner certification Provides to you:


WHEN YOU commit to our practitioner certification YOU’LL GET ACCESS TO ALL OF THIS:


6 certification sessions

($8500 value)

In our certification sessions (2x each month), we will share a lifetime of lessons we have learned through coaches, self healing and more. We will share powerful systems, modalities and techniques we use with our clients to consciously help shift their world.


Practitioner workbook & PROTOCOLS

($600 value)

Nicole & Dov are world renowned mentors who have lead thousands through transformative consciousness work and energy healing, allowing them to live the lives they want and release the beliefs, traumas and imprints no longer serving them.

The creation of this certification has been years in the making. A huge undertaking that they knew they had to offer was a practitioner workbook & protocols that will give you systems and methods that will create the highest level of impact for your sessions. Prior to each session there will be a piece of the workbook to study. This is an invaluable tool for each practitioner to refer back to after the certification to refresh on their learnings. Protocols that will give you systems and methods that will create the highest level of impact for your sessions.


Resources & Recommendations

($400 value)

Let’s face it, being an entrepreneur is hard work, especially in the beginning. Dov & Nicole will be sharing some helpful resources and recommendations that bring some ease to your entrepreneurial journey.


Private facebook group


A private Facebook Group to connect with Dov & Nicole and each other for support and more.

This is over $10,000+ worth of value for only $5,000!

Payment plans are available- submit your application to inquire.


Visa & Mastercard


Who are Dov and Nicole?

Transformational Twin Flame couple, Dov and Nicole, are high level mentors and energy alchemists who possess a unique capacity to see/clear the root causes of seemingly unbreakable cycles and patterns that plague you and keep you stuck in addiction, painful relationships, lack of abundance, so that you can access sustainable joy and meaningful self expression.